NBA 2K’s eSport Event Inspires Scholarship Platform

NBA 2K eSports: Road To The Finals

The NBA 2K series has officially joined in the eSport craze and wrapped up their own competition earlier this summer. This marked NBA 2K's first eSport event named the "Road to the Finals", and featured guest athletes such as Kobe Bryant, and Paul George. The event also featured a cash prize of $250,000 and championship rings (yes, just like the pros). The event itself consisted of 2 teams of 5 players each (10 individual human players total) facing off in a 5 vs 5 competition. Ultimately, The Drewkerbockers were able to take down the long range specialists of Team GFG and claim the top prize by using a strategy focused on defense, rebounding, and size.

When asked about the motivation behind creating such an event, 2K senior vice president of basketball operations Jason Argent answered,

"It's something that our development team, and frankly, our publishing and marketing teams probably wanted to do for the same reason that everyone has. You know, we tend to take things a little more deliberate. We wanted to make sure that the fans wanted it, which they seemingly certainly did. So we were taking it a little step-by-step. [But] there's a lot of momentum from our company and particularly our development team to continue to put resources behind this. And you can see that hopefully in the game.

The exciting thing for us is what's coming up, so having something like this is a big deal for us. Going on-stage with something that could sort of happen just online is really big. Yes. We intend to continue to build this. We're kind of wanting to deliver what the fans want, so we're excited."

Game Learners Scholarship Platform Launch

If you are not already aware, eSports has already been taking the country by storm. eSports have become very popular because they reward gamers across the country for their video game skills. These rewards usually include cash,  scholarships, and stipends, as Colleges are beginning to recognize it as a sport. eSports can be defined as a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games
Game Learners will be tracking eSports and its development on our newly launched Scholarship and Opportunity Platform. On this platform, you will be able to learn about different opportunities available in the world of video games such as private scholarships, college athletic scholarships (yes, you read that correctly) and eSport competitions. With insights from our very own Education and College Adviser, Samantha Gignac, Game Learners pledges to be your #1 resource for these video game opportunities. To access this information please visit our Scholarship Section of our website located here.

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