23-Time Gold Medal Winner Michael Phelps Advocates For Call Of Duty And Its Benefits

Michael Phelps A Call Of Duty Fan?

You read that right, Michael Phelps is certainly a fan of the Call of Duty Franchise. This should come as no surprise, as USA TODAY recently reported that he played about 500 games of Call of Duty in 2 weeks during the Olympics. That is quite the competitive spirit.

Today Phelps took a trip to the Call of Duty Fan Convention in Inglewood, California and got the opportunity to play Call of Duty Infinite Warfare before its scheduled launch on November 4th, 2016. Phelps was not alone, as he was joined by athletes such as Karl Anthony-Towns, and Marshawn Lynch. While there, Phelps used Facebook Live to share his thoughts on the video game and answer personal questions from his fans. He even reveals his gamer-tag. (You have to watch the video below to get that one)

When asked about his interest in Call Of Duty, Phelps commented on Call Of Duty stating he likes playing it online as it drives a competitive side of him. He even enjoys trash-talking and going at it with friends. Here is an excerpt of his Clip:

"The reason why I love this game so much, you know, is that Im always playing online. So im always playing against friends or other people throughout the world. The competitive side of it, thats the best thing. There's so much trash-talking. You are really just going at it with friends and other people around the world which is awesome. Thats the coolest part."

Call of Duty and Social Development

Michael Phelps commented that the online gameplay is one of the best features of Call of Duty, which is also one of the biggest benefits the video game itself. Similar to role-playing games, online gameplay has the potential to fulfill genuine human needs and unite people in unprecedented ways.

Gamers are introduced to thousands of other gamers who have similar interest as them when they choose to play online. That is why playing online is a very popular choice for children. In fact, according to Psychology Today, the days of the stereotypical gaming nerd who uses video games to shun social contact are over. They report that over 70 percent of gamers play with friends, whether as part of a team or in direct competition, and much of this gameplay is facilitated online.

The benefits come from its application to the real world. These online communities require gamers to make regular interactions with fellow gamers. This type of practice helps gamers learn social skills that generalize to social relationships in the real world. As well, children talk about their experiences with video games, often comparing and sharing accomplishments with friends they have at school, or on the playground.

Heres the Video Phelps Created Using Facebook LIve:


Taking Call of Duty questions at #CODXP2016 ! #sponsored

Posted by Michael Phelps on Friday, September 2, 2016


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