Science Shows Playing NBA 2K Actually Benefits You

Science Shows Playing NBA 2K Actually Benefits You

How Does Sports Video Games Benefit You In Real LIfe?

A recent study at Brock University in Canada shows that playing sports video games can increase involvement in real-life sports over several years among older adolescents and emerging adults. Essentially, the study found a long-term predictive effect of sports video game play on increased involvement in real-life sports over the 3 years. A major cause of this was found to be self-esteem. This study is one that continues to show that sports video game play may be an effective tool to promote real-life sports participation and physical activity among older adolescents and emerging adults.

How Does It Build Up Self Esteem And What Are Other Benefits?

Sports gamers, unlike some of their other genre peers, have been shown to develop higher levels of self-confidence. This higher self-confidence has translated well to physical activity and participation in competitions. Virtual sports games give children the opportunity to learn about the sports without ever having to step foot on a field. They do not have the fear of messing up in public or the embarrassment of letting teammates down when they play virtually.

As well, It serves as a great tool for kids who those whose interest in sports has come later in their adolescence (those who missed out on youth soccer leagues or little league baseball). Virtual sports help these kids learn how to compete. Many agree that virtual sports gaming also has the same psychological benefits as real world sports.  Don't agree? Just remember that victory builds confidence, and experiencing defeat encourages learning and improvement. And that stays true for any competition you take part in, even virtual. 

Examples of Video Games: NBA 2K and Madden

Madden players are given the unique opportunity to fairly master IRL NFL offensive and defensive schemes, position roles, and situational strategies of actual NFL teams. Since players can always join games online, they are able to have multiple repetitions implementing these NFL plays and strategies. This ultimately means that players are able to better learn rules, strategy, and even mechanics much more quickly than they could on the playground, due to all the repetition. They always say practice makes perfect. 

On the other hand, NBA 2K players should have a pretty good idea of proper jump shot mechanics, pick and roll play calling and how general NBA rules work, without having to ever dribble a real basketball. Thus, although a young player's actual basketball skill may be low, they may have incredible theoretical knowledge of what they are doing, and the confidence to improve on the physical parts of their game without a deep fear of failure or ridicule.


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