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Founded in 2016, Game Learners serves gamers and parents with in-depth insights, trusted guidance, and innovative services that will help them uncover the educational power and health benefits of commercial video games. With all the time and money that children dedicate to video games, parents need to take a more active role in understanding what their kids are consuming everyday and optimizing it in ways that help their kids develop.

Game Learners’ mission is to positively educate our community on the effects of their gameplay by highlighting the educational aspects and health benefits of all types of video games. We exclusively focus on fulfilling our mission to help educate our gamers for free. Game Learners can also benefit those who may not have responded well to traditional teaching methods. Backed by an abundance of research conducted in the field, Game Learners aims to create an environment where gamers can feel empowered to use their video games as their learning advantage.

How Does It Work

Our News/Publications aim to provide our users with summarized information on the everyday breakthroughs that are occurring in our field as well as latest news and is located all in one convenient area. As a supplement, we offer Benefit Reviews that give our users the ability to read about how any video game has educational or health value in it. Game Learners’ Benefit Reviews are open source and allows our users to read, write and edit our content. Thus, our users have access to all our reviews and ability to write their own reviews and contribute to our growing community. We aim not only to inform, but to actively help develop our users.

Meet Our Team

Ravel Charles
An avid gamer and a graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Ravel began his career at IANS, an information security research firm, as a Client Services Specialist. Realizing his interest in research and data analytics, Ravel is currently pursuing a Masters in Informatics at Northeastern University. Shortly after, Ravel left his position at IANS and began work as an Analyst at Comlinkdata, a market research firm in the telecommunication space. Ravel is a proud graduate of Regis High School in New York City. By co-founding Game Learners, Ravel hopes to create an opportunity for students to enjoy learning and take an active role in education.
Elizabeth Seenath
Mother Ambassador
A parent herself, Elizabeth is a graduate of the City College of New York (CCNY) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Science Degree in Computer Science. She began her career as a school teacher in Trinidad and Tobago. After completing her degree programs, Elizabeth worked at the Child Development Center at CCNY. With over 30 years of handling parents, students, and children, Elizabeth brings valuable experience and mentorship to Game Learners. She hopes to serve as an advocate of parents who have concerns and want to understand more about the gaming community. Elizabeth currently works in HR at CCNY.
Our Game Learners Community
Contributors & Innovators
The most important member of our team is our Community. Without your input, your interest, your requests or concerns Game Learners would not be the same. Whether you are a parent, a student, a teacher, or a gamer your contributions are a huge part of our organization and continue to drive us to achieve our social mission every single day. We hope to establish a community in which gamers and parents work together for a greater good. Together we can revolutionize education: Learn While You Play. Thank you for helping us create such a platform.